Tweeetpic is a software that helps you to run your own social networking site for easy sharing of media files such as photos and videos.

Marketing Buzz

  • Sharing videos and photos
  • There is no registration here. You can use your existing twitter account details to login to tweetpic.
  • You can upload photo through site, Mobile, Email and other sites.
  • You can add videos from youTube site.
  • Keywords: Twitpic clone, Photo sharing, video sharing

Revenue Model

* Banner script (Ads) in photo and video page.

Technical Buzz

Server Requirements

General Features

  • Ability to enable/disable photo and video model.
  • Ability to set site priority (photo or video).
  • User can login using own twitter account.
  • Users can upload photos and tweet message to twitter site.
  • Any User can comment and rate to others photos and videos.
  • We can get video and photo embed code from site.
  • We use short URL for video and photo page.


  • Users module with Twitter Connect
  • Photo module
  • Photo rating module
  • Photo comment module
  • Video module
  • Video rating module
  • Video comment module
  • Auto posting to Twitter
  • oAuth based Twitter login
  • Banner script

Administrator Back end

  • Admin can enable/disable photo and video module
  • Admin can enable/disable photo comments, photo ratings, video comments and video ratings
  • Admin can view complete list of users and manage
  • Admin can manage photos, photo ratings and photo comments
  • Admin can manage videos, video ratings and video comments
  • Admin can manage site related settings
  • Admin can manage email templates
  • Admin can manage banner script