Teamr—Treehouse Clone is an authentic script for supporting web developers in the making of online training marketplace. This script is adorned with exceptional modules and features to include any kind of resources that developers need to build an online learning platform.

Revenue Model

Teamr website can bring revenues through following terms.

  • Subscriptions All user's subscriptions amount are credits. Webmaster may share some part of these amount to course owners.
  • Banner Set up the site for earn some revenue from adding banner/ads in the site.


  • Social Logins This feature is enabled to make the sign-up process simple for the users with the social media logins with Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Course Search Users can search based on the filters like price, course language, category and instructional levels.
  • Payments SudoPay and PayPal are enabled in the platform for prompt and effective payment processing.
  • SocialShare In course page there is way to share and promote the courses through social media site like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Instructor Dashboard Every instructor gets a dedicated dashboard in which they can find the number of students enrolled in the course and much more. The instructor can manage their all courses from here.
  • Learner Dashboard It has users learning and wishlist courses. We display the course progress bar and provide course rate options here. Also it has some course filters too.
  • User Profile Users can show the other user's entire course history which is belongs to that user. It has the user's Learning courses, Teaching courses, their favourite courses, bio and social network links
  • Online Lessons
    • ArticleLessons: Instructor can add article type lessons.
    • DownloadableFileLessons: Instructor can add downloadable type lessons for giving practice and exercise files, exe files and etc to learners.
    • VideoLessons: Instructor can add video lessons into their courses.
    • VideoExternalEmbedLessons: Instructor can add video lesson of external sites like from YouTube, Vimeo etc (using embed code).
  • Preview Instructor can post preview lesson for encourage the learners to book the course.
  • Promo Video Instructor can add sort promo video for their course to encourage the learners to book the course.
  • Course Favorite It allows users to list their favorite courses for anytime viewing.
  • Rating and Review Rating and Review allows learner to put their opinion on a particular course.
  • Withdrawal Instructor can withdraw their revenue amount
  • Transactions Listed all the transactions belongs to the users in transactions modules.
  • Comments Users can share their feedback and thoughts about the courses. It has two Comments way “Facebook Comments” and “Disqus Comments”.
  • Analytics We can easily understand about our audience and easily get statistic analyzing about the site in Google or Facebook site. The 'Analytics' plugin has two options: 'Google Analytics' and 'Facebook Pixel'.
  • Translations It helps the site to run the site in multiple languages.

Core Plugins

  • VideoLessons
    • This plugin will helps the instructor to add the video lessons for their courses.
  • Subscriptions
    • The site provides some subscription plans for users and each subscription plans have some course levels. The user can buy any of the subscription plan which they want. The use of the plan is that the user can learn any courses in the site which are comes under their subscribed plan.
      • Example: If the user purchased a subscription plan for $19 and the plans has beginner, intermediate level of courses. So the user can learn those level of courses at any time if the plan is not expired.
  • PayPal
    • This Plugin helps to users to pay their payment through PayPal account.
  • UserProfile
    • This plugin has the entire course history which is belongs to the users. It has the user's Learning courses, Teaching courses and their favourite courses.
  • Comments
    • This plugin will helps to share the user thought about the courses. It has two Comments way
      • Facebook Comments
      • Disqus Comments
  • SEO
    • By enabling this plugin, Google and other search engines can crawler our site. (Our site is Single-Page Applications (SPA); So for search engine, we must enable this SEO plugin).

Optional Plugins

  • ArticleLessons
    • This Plugin will helps the instructor to post their course article lessons/content.
  • DownloadableFileLessons
    • This plugin provides for instructor to add practice, exercise, installation and etc… files (like .exe, .pdf).
  • VideoExternalEmbedLessons
    • This Plugin will helps to instructor to add their course video embed code like YouTube, Vimeo.
  • Payout
    • The payout is the site secure payment system, supports many payout methods. If the instructor connected with any payment gateway the amount will be credited directly to their account while the learner also made the course purchasing through the same connected gateway. The site commission will also credited directly to the administrator account. If it is not connected then the amount will be added into the instructor's site available balance, later the instructor can get the money only by giving the withdrawal request to the administrator. Its take one step extra while compare with 'Payout'.
      • Note: The 'SudoPay' plugin is mandatory for the 'Payout'.
  • CourseCheckout
    • This plugin will helps to learners to buy the courses. If the plugin is not enabled then the site will running like free. If it is happened then the site won't get any money as a site commission from the user side. If it is enabled then user can buy the courses as well they can get the free courses too.
  • Withdrawal
    • This plugin helps to users to withdraw their revenue amount. The user can send the money withdrawal request to the site admin with the account details. The admin can either transfer the amount to the user account or rejected the request in case of any irrelavent information is given by the user. The important thing is that the plugin will work only if the plugin was enabled.
  • SudoPay
    • The has more than 50+ payment gateways. When enabling this plugin, we can enable more number of payment gateways and easily switch the site's payment gateways without any payment gateway integration works.
  • SocialShare
    • The plugin will helps the learner to share the courses in their social meduium account. like twitter, facebook and google+
  • SocialLogins
    • The plugin allows the user to login Teachr account with their available social logins details like facebook or twitter or google+.
  • RatingAndReview
    • This plugin will helps to learner to provide their feedback about the courses. The learner can give the star rating star and detailed feedback as well. It will helps the instructor to improve the course features. If the learners gives more positive feedback then the course as well as the site automatically reaches to every one and helps to get more learners to purchase the courses.
  • CourseWishlist
    • This plugin will helps the user to favorite the courses. It helps to remember their favorite course and can easily access.
  • Instructor
    • The 'Instructor' plugin provides to create new courses by the instructor and also listed all the instructor courses. If the plugin is not enabled then the courses are only created by the admin.
  • Coupons
    • This plugin works when the 'CourseCheckout' plugin was enabled. Here the 'Coupons' helps the instructor to get the coupon code. The instructor can share that coupon code with their friends, family or whom the instructor want. By using this coupon code the other user can get the particular courses for free of cost. Other benefits in the way is more users can enrolled into the site and they can invite more people into it so that the site commission and number of users automatically become higher numbers.
  • MOOCAffiliate
    • In initial stage the site does't have any courses so if synchronize the 'MOOCAffiliate' plugin it will fetch the number of courses from some other sites like,,,,,,,, and Provide those courses to the site and the site will looks busy and attract the users.
  • Analytics
    • Using analytics to understand your audience and provides statistic analyzing about the site. It will give the way to improve the site performance and also the users can do improvisation about the courses. The 'Analytics' plugin has two ways.
      • Google Analytics
      • Facebook Analytics
  • Translations
    • The plugin provides number of languages so that the user can choose their own languages and use it. The 'Translations' plugin translate only the site information not the content of the courses.
  • FacebookAppStore
    • This plugin helps the users to view the site in Facebook and they can increase the users through Facebook.
  • Banner
    • This plugin helps to display at all page bottom, all page top, course page sidebar, profile page sidebar.

Installation Guide

For more information about the Teamr installation guide, see the Installation guide page.

How to Configure Site Settings

For more information about the how to configure various site settings, see the How to... configuration page.