privateShop - An online shopping product site

privateShop is a software that helps you to run your own shopping site similar to Compared to gilt, privateShop has lot of additional features and superior UI. Other shopping sites that can directly be competed with privateShop are:,,,,

Revenue Model

  • A privateShop website can bring revenues through product selling. Site admin run the site with his/her products.

How it Works?


privateShop has lots of features and additional features compared to other shopping sites.

  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail and OpenID account
  • Inside user profile, Users can deposit money on his/her account
  • Wallet system for user
  • Supported payment gateways:
    • PayPal
  • Option to switch between languages
  • Admin can add products
  • Distinguish a product with variants
  • User can purchase and send a gift to his/her friends
  • User can download the product which they purchased
  • Customers distinguish variations of product while order. Feature can be turned off
  • We can add variants dynamically, Like Size, Color
  • We can set the price, discount, image, quantity for each combination
  • This feature, system will force users to login before entering into the site. Feature can be turned off
  • Diagnosis tool, various Server related settings and file permission will be displayed, using this, it is easy to verify whether the current uploaded server supports the minimum requirement need to run the Website.
For more information about the features of the privateShop, see the privateShop Features


  • Users module with OpenID, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail and Twitter Connect and user can add the more shipping address.
  • Product module Admin only add and edit the product in the site.
  • Order or shopping module User can order and buy the products.
  • Payment module manage cash withdraw and pay the amount for shopping through PayPal.
  • Message module Message module will make a list of shopping & transaction status to the user and admin.
  • Settings module This is the admin page for make a changes in site, user activities and product.
  • oAuth based Twitter posting
  • History User and admin can view the history of purchase and transaction with updated status.
  • Ability to enable/disable this functionality from back end

Change Log

For more information about the changelog of the privateShop, see the changelog

Important Notice

Payment Gateway Fee

You should be aware that most payment gateways will charge you a fee for processing each transaction made by your customer. The fee may vary from 1.5% to as much as 5% of the transaction, so be sure to factor in this cost when you set your commission percentages!

Getting Started

Installation Guide

For more information about the privateShop installation guide, see the Installation guide page.

How To...

For more information about the how to configure various site settings, see the How to... configuration page.

Special Instructions

For more information about the special instruction of the privateShop, see the privateShop special instruction page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I setup PayPal so that my user will automatically be returned to my site without needing to click any further confirmation button in PayPal? / How can I setup PayPal Auto Return URL?

Troubleshooting Guide

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