Online food ordering venture has been acclaimed as a welcome move right from the outset. With a greater number of masses perceiving it as a welcome move, Agriya has turned up with a tremendous online food ordering script formulated by a set of ace developers. Make use of this delightful Just Eat Clone script crafted to perfection with abundantly compiled attributes.

Revenue Model

The 'OFOS' can bring revenues through following terms.

  • Site Commission Fee: For every successful order from the customers, the admin will be credited with a certain amount of money as commission from the restaurant owners.


  • Restaurant Search
    • Users can search for their preferred restaurants at a faster pace enabling them to see the latest offers, menu list and details of the restaurant.
  • Branch
    • It accredits the restaurant’s personnel to the list, manage, and coordinate the several branches of a restaurant from the same website.
  • Restaurant photos
    • This enables the users to have a clear view of the restaurant and thereby know more on it.
  • Addon
    • Get to know the add on details of a particular food acutely before placing your order.
  • Guest Order
    • This allows one to make their order as guest users, instead of creating and logging in with a distinct user profile.
  • Place Order
    • Place your order at once after taking your time. Mention the delivery address, delivery time to go along with your basic profile information. This option enables one to pay for their order as well.
  • Dashboard
    • Master Control over the whole process where it enables you to have a look at orders placed and ongoing processes.
  • Order Status
    • This feature empowers the restaurant to check the current status and progress of the order.
  • Order Transaction
    • Through this one can track and keep in check with all the transactions being done.
  • Add Review
    • Write your valuable comments about your experience and be a testimonial for improvisation of service in future.
  • Settings
    • This enables one to substantiate all the information to let users know all the essential aspects of a restaurant.
  • Pages
    • Provide the site's static pages which are created by the admin.
  • Paypal
    • Helps to users to pay their payment through PayPal account.
  • Social Logins
    • Allows the user to login OFOS account with their available social logins details like facebook or twitter or google+.
  • ZazPay
    • The https://zazpay.com/ has more payment gateways. When enabling zazpay, we can enable more number of payment gateways and easily switch the site's payment gateways without any payment gateway integration works.
  • Translations
    • Translation helps the site to run in multiple languages. If it is not enable then the site will run with the default language (English).
For more information about the features of the OFOS, see the OFOS Features

Installation Guide

For more information about the OFOS installation guide, see the Installation guide page.