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Marketplace-Quote is a software that helps to fulfil the customers needs. It bridge between the requestor and local services. Other site that can be competed with Marketplace-Quote is:

Some of the important highlights of Marketplace-Quote are

  • Automatically list the services based on distance between the visitors/requestor location and the service provider (from nearest to farthest).
  • Able to search services based on location, category and other various filters.
  • Able to search services based on geo-location using Google map.
  • Service providers can list their services with photos, video, audio, maps and various FAQs.
  • Service providers can promote/share their service through social networks.

Revenue Model

  • Site admin can set different “Subscription fee” for each category.
  • Site admin receives site commission for each invoices payments and also for each “Book it” payments. Admin can set transaction commission for direct leads and indirect leads separately. These commissions are collected from providers only not from requestor.
  • Solve Media: Set up the site for earn some revenue from solve media option in admin side. Because solve media offers revenue sharing by showing Ads in CAPTCHA display. Settings are manage in admin panel.

How it Works?

Marketplace Quote


“Marketplace Quote” has lots of features and additional features compared to other offline marketing sites

  • Users visiting the site will be automatically redirected to their current location using Geo details.
  • Services are geotagged for SEO and location-based search engines.
  • Requestor can see the distance of service provider from their location.
  • Requestor can request quote by direct or indirect lead.
  • Direct lead means requestor search a particular provider’s service and send quote request directly to their services only.
  • Indirect lead means requestor search their need’s category and send quote request to all the provider who post service under that category.
  • Site commission fee for direct and indirect lead is setup separately by administrator.
  • Service provider should purchase any one of the subscription plan to send request to the requestor. To purchase the plan, provider need to pay some amount which is setup by the administrator. Once the plan expired he need to purchase again to send the quote.
  • Requestor can hire more than one services for his/her needs.
  • In work progress, service provider can send invoices multiple times.
  • Service provider receives “Book it” amount when work is closed.
For more information about the features of the Marketplace-Quote, see the Marketplace-Quote Features


  • Service/Provider Module
  • Requestor Module
  • Payment Module
  • Admin Module
  • Social sharing/Promote module
  • Subscription for sending quotes
For more information about the modules of the Marketplace Quote, see the Marketplace Quote Modules

Change Log

For more information about the changelog of the Marketplace Quote, see the changelog

Getting Started

Installation Guide

For more information about the Marketplace Quote installation guide, see the Installation guide page


How To...

For more information about how to configure various site settings, see the How to... configuration page



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