JustSpotted iPhone App

Supported Product Version

  • JustSpotting v1.0b1

General Features

  • Explore your city or neighborhood to see the nearest, latest and best foods around you.
  • Look up a restaurants/theaters/show rooms and see what’s good there.
  • Find a particular item that you’re craving.
  • Bookmark foods you want to try by clicking (“Want it!”)
  • Vote up foods you’ve tried and loved (“Nom it!”).
  • Access guides from experts like the Travel Channel to see the nearest recommendations to you.
  • Follow people and guides that you trust, and places and items that you love.
  • Features
    • Share where to find a item you love by uploading a photo (“spotting it”), emailing it to JustSpotting (you’ll need to add details from the website), or adding it to a guide.
    • Complete guides, scavenger hunts and challenges to earn badges and recognition.
    • Earn virtual points for making quality contributions to the JustSpotting community.
    • Point System—find quality contributions in our site thorgh point system.

Installation & Deployment

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Sample Screenshots



Finding Nearest
  • Landing page contains the nearby location sightings, places and guides related to the sightings.

Nearest Sightings

Nearest Places

Nearest Guides

Finding on Map

  • Map page display the nearby location sightings with the sighting image.

Finding with your keywords

  • Here you can search sightings. Sightings will be displayed based on the keyword.Place and guides will be listed based on the sightings displayed.There you have options to view more sightings, places and guides.

  • Finally the results show up, then user can view the details of his/her needs.

Sighting view page

  • Sighting view page has option to rate the sighting. (Want It, Nom It and Tried It).

  • Also have reviewed users list.

Place view page

  • Displayed place in the google map.

  • Listed the sightings which belongs to the place.

Guide view page

  • Displayed guide details and listed the sightings which belongs to the guide.

Post Review


Login page

Profile page
  • Displayed the counts such as tips earned, spotted, comments and follows.Also displayed the recent activities.

  • Listed the sightings, places and guides which the user following.

Device—Location service settings

  • User need to enable location service for JustSpotted App. This is for getting user’s current location and display nearest sightings.