Justspotted Android App

Supported Product Version

  • Justspotted v1.0b1

General Features

  • Explore your city or neighborhood to see the nearest, latest and best foods around you.
  • Look up a restaurants/theaters/show rooms and see what’s good there.
  • Find a particular item that you’re craving.
  • Bookmark foods you want to try by clicking (“Want it!”)
  • Vote up foods you’ve tried and loved (“Nom it!”).
  • Access guides from experts like the Travel Channel to see the nearest recommendations to you.
  • Follow people and guides that you trust, and places and items that you love.
  • Features
    • Share where to find a item you love by uploading a photo (“spotting it”), emailing it to JustSpotting (you’ll need to add details from the website), or adding it to a guide.
    • Complete guides, scavenger hunts and challenges to earn badges and recognition.
    • Earn virtual points for making quality contributions to the JustSpotted community.
    • Point System—find quality contributions in our site though point system.

Installation & Deployment

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