JustSpotted - A software to run your own location-based social review site

JustSpotted is a software that helps you to run your own location-based social review site similar to Foodspotting.com. Unlike Yelp, Zagat and other traditional review sites, this model is more social and location-based for the tight integration with mobile devices. Other similar sites that can directly be competed with JustSpotted are: FoodSpotting. Some of the important highlights of JustSpotted are

  • First Foodspotting clone
  • Business Module
  • JustSpotted is the easiest way to find and share the foods you love: Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend your favorite dishes and see what others have recommended wherever you go.
  • This website has more search options for users like (best food, particular area, etc)
  • The website is not only for sharing your favorite food, it can be even Theater review, Automobile Showroom review, etc., It can be anything to “Spotting & Review” site!!!

Revenue Model

  • Business promotion: Letting businesses to post their business offers, Ads, Banners through the site for good reviewers. Bridging customers and business together, thereby can charge businesses with a fee in offline.


  • Business User.
    • Business user can create and promote their business
    • Can claim existing places
    • Can updates their status
  • As a food seeker, you can
    • Explore your city or neighborhood to see the nearest, latest and best foods around you.
    • Look up a restaurant and see what’s good there.
    • Find a particular dish that you’re craving.
    • Vote up foods you’ve tried and loved (“Nom it!”).
    • Access guides from experts like the Travel Channel to see the nearest recommendations to you.
    • Follow people and guides that you trust and places and foods that you love.
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  • People
  • Guide
  • Place
  • Business
  • Reviews
For more information about the modules of the JustSpotted, see the JustSpotted Modules

Change Log

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Getting Started

Installation Guide

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How To...

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