GroupDeal - An online group buying daily deal site

GroupDeal is a software that helps you to run your own “daily deal” site. It has lot of additional features and UI compared to Groupon. Other daily deal sites that can directly be competed with GroupDeal are:,,,,,, and many more. Some of the important highlights of GroupDeal are

Revenue Model

  • The group buying revenue model is about making money through large volume of sales
  • Group buying generates large volumes of customers for businesses (ie. restaurants, beauty parlors, hotels, outdoor adventure etc.)
  • Since a business will get a large volume of customers, they are willing to sell on your group buying website with a heavy discount on the regular price
  • Your group buying website makes money out of the bonus (a flat commission for the entire deal) and commission (which is variable and based on the number of customers generated)
  • Achieving a high volume of sales is usually fairly easy because in order for the offer to 'go live' it has to have sold a certain number (minimum volume). Customers will encourage their friends and family to buy the offer to ensure that it goes live.
  • Your group buying website can also act as an advertising platform
  • Refer to for a good illustrative demonstration on how it works
  • Refer to for the Wikipedia article
  • Refer to for “A study on” presentation


  • A beauty parlor offers treatment for $100 - but it only costs the business $25, the remaining $75 is profit
  • Since your site can guarantee a high volume of customers, the beauty parlour offers the treatment for $50 (a 50% discount) on your site, with the condition that there must be a minimum of 200 purchases
  • Your group buying website can make a profit like this:
    • bonus: This is the flat fee you charge the beauty parlor to run the coupon on your website - for example you may charge $200
    • Commission: this is the variable fee that you take for each customer that purchases the discounted service - for example you may take 25% commission from each $50 purchase
    • So your net profit from this one deal is: $200 + ($50 x 25% x number of purchases). Since there must be at least 200 sales, you will make at least $2,500 on this one deal


GroupDeal has lots of features and additional features compared to other group buying sites.

  • Mobile/PDA version of the site; just add “m.” prefix in domain
  • Ability to define multiple cities/platforms, so the user can switch between the cities with active deals count next to city names.
  • Ability to have city in subdomain or as directory (e.g., or )
    • Remember to check whether your server supports subdomain before changing this setting, else, the site may become unusable.
  • Generation of the coupon for successful purchase (on email and in your account if you set it up).
  • Coupon will have Auto-Generated HTML email, included:
    • a. Logo, text of deal
    • b. Valid time to use coupon
    • c. Unique code
    • d. Barcode (especially with default QR Code support)
For more information about the features of the GroupDeal, see the GroupDeal Features


  • Scheduled deal will be shown at “Today's deal” page on provided date
  • Ability to post new deals (by the administrator) with following info:
    • deal info (photo, short text below photo, long text below with place for address)
    • end date/time countdown
    • min/max order per user
    • minimum required order per deal (if reached, deal is on)
    • maximum number of order
    • discount in percentage
    • Original price/price after discount
  • Option to switch between cities
  • Option to send coupon as a gift
For more information about the modules of the GroupDeal, see the GroupDeal Modules


GroupDeal Vs GroupDeal Lite Comparision

Change Log

For more information about the changelog of the GroupDeal, see the changelog

Important Notice

Payment Gateway Fee

You should be aware that most payment gateways will charge you a fee for processing each transaction made by your customer. The fee may vary from 1.5% to as much as 5% of the transaction, so be sure to factor in this cost when you set your commission percentages!

Getting Started

Installation Guide

For more information about the GroupDeal installation guide, see the Installation guide page.

How To...

For more information about the how to configure various site settings, see the How to... configuration page.

Special Instructions

For more information about the special instruction of the GroupDeal, see the GroupDeal special instruction page.


  • Can I have credit system?
    • GroupDeal has referral & gift card/coupon system as in groupon. It also has wallet system. So, you may not need separate credit system. If you have any custom credit system in mind, we can have it customized.
  • Why am I getting 2-step subscription page randomly?
    • It's not random; it's as in new User has to subscribe before viewing the page. If you prefer to disable this option, you can uncheck “Two step subscription” in admin site settings panel.
    • When 2-step subscription page is enabled, users will be forced to subscribe when they visit the site. Once they subscribe, they will be redirected to their subscribed city.
    • If in case that subscribed city doesn't have any open deal or if they select any city that doesn't have any deals after subscribing, they will be redirected to “Learn how groupdeal works” page.
  • What do you mean by “online” (or “offline”) merchant account?
    • “offline” merchant accounts are managed by admin, they cannot login into the site. All the payment to offline merchant are made externally (i.e, Unlike “Online merchant”, they cannot be paid via site). However, administrator can set the amount paid for a offline merchant using 'Set as Paid'.
    • “online” merchant accounts are managed by merchant themselves and they'll have login details.
  • Is your script compliant with Yipit?
    • Yes, as per the information we've received from them, it's enough that you contact them to be get featured at info at
  • How to use the barcode?
    • You can set the barcode symbology in settings. Based on the symbology, the barcode will display the coupon code. If you use barcode reader with computer, it will help in input coupon code in the text box. If you have POS machine, you can export the coupon code and try matching with that.
    • Please refer to the Wikipedia article for the understanding about barcode.
  • How can I setup PayPal so that my user will automatically be returned to my site without needing to click any further confirmation button in PayPal? / How can I setup PayPal Auto Return URL?
  • When will I get the referred amount?
    • When using 'Refer a friend', and if the refereed user successfully registered into our site and makes a first purchase of a deal, then only, the referrer will get the mentioned amount.
  • For the Refer A Friend functionality, do we need to enroll in an affiliate network to support this functionality?
    • Currently, no.
  • For the Refer A Friend functionality, Where does the credit get stored for the user once the friend purchases a deal?
    • Wallet.
  • Is the Wallet system only for Paypal? Or is the wallet also used to manage credits or “bucks”? In other words, when you redeem a gift card, does the credit get stored/managed in the wallet?
    • Wallet is used to manage “credits” or “bucks” and, When we redeem a gift card, it get stored in the wallet.
  • However, after setting up everything as you show it on the screen - Where do we go to send an actual email? We cannot find any option such as Send Newsletter.
    • The “Deal of the Day” email goes when the deal goes to open status. This can be done manually in Admin » Deals. (or) The deal goes to open status automatically through Cron Jobs when it reaches the start date. So when the deal is opened the “Deal of the Day” mail is sent to all the subscribers.

Troubleshooting Guide

GroupDeal Manual



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