GroupDeal iPhone App

Supported Product Version

  • GroupDeal v2.0b3
  • GroupDeal v1.0b5
  • GroupDeal v1.0b4
  • GroupDeal v1.0b2

General Features

  • Get the deal list by city
  • Update your App settings (Login)
  • Purchase deal using credit card and wallet
  • Get the My GroupDeal list
  • Redeem option
  • New Features
    • Multiple Deal - Deal can have sub deals or options, company user can able to add multiple deal.
    • Live Deal - It is the new type of deal added to the GroupDeal. Live deal will expiry in one day. You can buy it instantly and use it. You need to use the coupon within the redeem time, otherwise we will refund the amount

Installation & Deployment

Download App

Sample Screenshots

General Features

Push Notification - badge

Push Notification - message

App Tabs


Deals listing

Today deals will be listed based on nearest city.

Site supported cities

All active cities will be listed along with deals available count.

Deal page

User can view the brief information about the deal and can make a purchase from this page.

Purchasing a deal

User can purchase the deal using newly/existing credit card, or using their site wallet amount.

Adding a credit card

Live Deals

Live Deals are location-aware deals. Through GroupDeal merchant panel, merchants can find (iPhone) users around their shops and create instant deals to attract them. Users get notification of Live Deals through *Local Notification* feature.

Sharing location with App

When user run the iGroupDeal App, it will ask to share user's current location.

Live deal listing

Live deals will be listed based on the city nearest/selected by the user.

Local Notification - badge and messages

User will be notified, when new live deal gets added in the site. Note, that it doesn't use Push Notification; but uses Local Notification.

My Purchases

Purchased Deals

Purchased deals will be listed under “My Purchases” page.

Viewing purchased deals

Option to view purchased deal view page

Google map integration for redeem location and driving direction

User can see the deal redeem location via Google map from deal page.



User can register into the site through iPhone.


User can login and access their account through iPhone.

Forgot password

Users have option to reset their password, if password forget.

App Settings

Location service setting

For getting user's current location and display nearest deals.

Push notification settings

For Push notification settings.

Local notification settings

iOS doesn't provide option to turn off local notification (unlike Push Notification). So, this option is implemented in App.