Crowdfunding-Donate iPhone App

General Features

  • Crowdfund donate is a Agriya's is the first complete crowdfunding software that helps you to run your own crowdfunding site.
  • We have a separate UI for Donate section for all users.
  • In donate projects, amount is immediately paid to the project owner and donor gets no rewards.
  • User can see choose project to donate from the list.
  • Users can follow/unfollow of other user's project.
  • Users can add amount to wallet, pay listing fee, order fee & signup fee via sudopay payment gateways.
  • Users can perform basic authentication functionalities like Facebook/Twitter/Manual Sign in, Facebook/Twitter/Manual Sign up, Sign out, forgot password, etc.,
  • Users can view their messages, and also can compose messages.
  • Users able to change view appearance using languages and theme settings.
  • Users have provision to update their basic & additional information.
  • Using “Developer link” users can view all the other apps developed by Agriya.
  • “Admob” is used for display google ads at the bottom of the each listing pages.
  • “Crashlytics” facility to keep track of the App failures & reason for failure.
  • Users can download the App through the “HockeyKit”. To download through HockeyKit, click here.

Download Apps

Sample Screenshots

Splash Screen

Splash screens are typically used by Crowdfund to notify the user that the program is in the process of loading. A splash screen in Crowdfund with the logo

How It Works Page

How It Works view will be one that is shown at a specific time, mostly when the app is loaded for the first time. It is a graphical representation of the entire app functionality in short terms.

Signup Page

By sign up Crowdfund, funding or donate with versatile available options all over the world. Registered users only able to book items/requests. You have option to read our Terms and privacy policy.

Login Page

We required authentication in order to list your items or to add private note. You have the option to read Terms and our privacy policy.

Forgot Password Page

If any of the case user has forgotten the password, we will send you instructions for resetting your password.


In Crowdfund having animated side menu with customizable UI to easily navigate to other pages for project owner/donator with different options in different states (Before or after Authentication).

Before Login

After Login

User menu


Projects / My Project Page

Projects page contains a list of Projects created by other's. My Projects page contains a list of project created by themselves. In both pages contains an project title, project image & address of that project and having a better animating way of pulldown/up to refresh a listing. In additionally, having feature to update an projects favorite on the listing page.

Project View Page

This page contains information about the Project basic information with About, Updates, Followers, Backers & Comments. Updates segment shows a list of recent updates given for this projects in descending order. Followers segment shows a list of user following for this project in descending order. Comments segment shows a list of comments given for this project in descending order.

This page having the options to donate the amount along with personalizing the donate status like visible, hide name, hide donate amount and anonymous. Also user can choose the rewards available for the selected project.

Post new Project

Four form step are there in this project add. First step has form fields for basic information and step two has project details and steps three has options to add reward items for the project. finally last form step has social and attachment options.



It is a communication channel between you and other user authenticate with Crowdfund site. This will show list of other’s user message sent to you. These page contains basic information like from whom u got message, subject. posted date. etc.,

My Account Page

It page will decide or differenticate form other who your are? This is a basic information about you and your work. You can update their information like name,address,qualification, about you,etc.,

Add Amount to Wallet Page

To deposit money into your wallet using sudopay payment gateways. We have option for sudopay payment gateways as like web version.

Net Banking

Via Bank wire

Via Credit & Debit Cards

Settings Page

Settings page help you to view our app with your own ui. We have better visibility option for change theme/language.




Developer link helps us to view other apps developed by our organization. Agriya has plenty of apps in iTunes. You can view or download any of our apps with this page.



Crashlytics is the most powerful, yet lightweight crash reporting solution. Crashlytics performs a deep analysis of each and every thread and prioritizes the important ones so you can spend less time finding and more time fixing issues. We are using crashlytics to find issues as well as app performance in realtime

Analytics Kit

The best way to grow your mobile base is to know who uses your apps now, on what devices, and where they come from. It enabled us to identify areas of improvement and maximize success in the market. Right now we are using google and flurry provider, but it will support most of the provider in the market.


The ADMOB Plugin helps provides a way to serve Google mobile advertising featuring in native iOS applications. Those ads are displayed in the listing page of our app.


Gaining feedback and reviews of your apps is a key element in achieving success. iRate class that prompts users of your iPhone app to rate your application after using it for a while.

Showcasing Other Apps

Showcasing other apps developed by your organization. It is helping to share others app of yours to the community or friends.


Hockeykit is used for beta testing of our iPhone apps while it in the development phases (Before submitting into iTunes). It has the option to add number of testing devices for testing.

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