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Today's world the scope of vehicle rental is growing a big level. With the current marketplace trends, Agriya has developed an impressive as well as comfortable Rent & Ride application. Travel to any of your favorite places by availing the services in the Rent & Ride application. Book cars for rental by making use of the flexibility to choose the car of your interest. You can find the most affordable rates for your car rentals here. Hosts(Car owners) can list any car in the application. Bookers (Users) can choose their favorite car for their journey. Site (Admin) can earn revenue from both hosts and books.


  • Vehicles
    • If hosts(Vehicle owners) want to attach or list their vehicle in the application, they will need to pay the listing fee if it is enabled. The host needs to provide all the details about the vehicle like,
      • Vehicle Type
      • Vehicle Make
      • Vehicle Model
      • Vehicle No
      • Minimum driver age, Min/Max rate per hour
      • Counter Locations
      • Seats, Doors, small & large bags, Fuel types, Mileage, Gears, No of airbags,etc…
    • From the above details the booker can easily filter the vehicle and book it.
  • Rental
    • The booker can book their wished vehicle based on the details given by the host(Vehicle owners).
    • The booker can filter the vehicle by searching with their pickup date, drop date and drop location.
    • Also, the booker can find their needed vehicles by filtering,
      • Price by hour/day
      • Car types
      • Preferences
      • Fuel Options
      • Seating Capacity
    • The calendar module will highlight the booking details for both booker and owner. By selecting the date it will show the basic needed details of the ordered items.

Revenue Model

The 'Rent & Ride' can bring revenues through following terms.

  • Site Commission Fee: Site earns commission from the users(Bookers) for every booking that they make.
  • Banner: Site will earn the revenue by adding banner/ads or any other third party site link in Widget.
  • Listing Fee: If the Listing Fee setting is enabled by the admin, then host(Vehicle owners) will need to pay the listing fee amount while adding the vehicle in the site.


  • Company:
    • The users can perform as a host once the users added their company details. Once the company is added, the admin needs to approve or reject the company. If 'auto approved option' is enabled, then companies will be automatically approved.
    • The hosts(Vehicle owners) can attach their vehicles for rent once their company is approved or activated.
    • The hosts(Vehicle owners) can do check-in/checkout for their booking if the admin enabled this option. If this setting is not enabled the admin will need to do the check-in/checkout.
  • Maintenance:
    • The hosts(Vehicle owners) can add their vehicles for maintenance. The hosts1) can mention the maintenance period.
    • Booker can't able to book the vehicle when it in the maintenance period.
  • Insurance:
    • The booker can select the insurance if they want. Once the booker selected the insurance then they have to pay the insurance amount with the vehicle booking charge.
  • Extra Accessories:
    • The site provide some extra accessories while booking the vehicles. Those extra accessories will be available only if the 'Extra Accessories' plugin is enabled. The booker can select their needed accessories.
  • Fuel Option:
    • The hosts can add their vehicle fuel options based on vehicle types. So the booker can book the item based on fuel options which they want.
  • Claim Request: The vehicle owner / booker can raise dispute against each other if they feel inconvenienced. If any dispute arises, the admin will take the decision in favor of owner or booker.
    • The Vehicle owner can claim the amount from the booker if in case of any damage on the vehicle. The booker will pay the amount for the damages caused.
    • Example: In case of any dispute arises from the host and booker end then the admin will take the decision on that. If the decision goes in favour of the host then the host can claim the damages amount from the booker's deposit amount.
  • Multi Currency Conversions: The site includes the multi-currency conversion option. Users can view the base currency into multiple-currency value.
  • Wallet:
    • Wallet is a pre-paid credit amount. Users can deposit the money into their wallet one time and book multiple vehicle using the wallet amount.
  • Paypal:
    • Rent & Ride application has Paypal payment gateway by default. Users can pay through the Paypal gateway for every booking.
  • ZazPay:
    • ZazPay is one of our payment module. It has more than 40 major payment gateways as integrated and you can easily switch any payment gateway by simply updating the payment gateway API credentials in the Zazpay account and ZazPay credentials in the website.
  • Discount:
    • There are two types of discounts available. They are listed below
    • Discount price:
      • This discount will be given for the particular vehicle type and model. Also, the admin provides the min & max no.of days for rental.
    • Special discount price:
      • This special discount price is created for limited periods. This discount price has some certain period of time.
    • The booker will get benefit by the higher discount price from the above types.
    • Coupon:
      • The coupon provides some amount of discount for the every booking. So the booker will need to pay their booking charges after the discount amount detected from the total billing charges.
  • Social Logins: This feature is enabled to make the sign-up process simple for the users with the social media logins with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and GitHub.
  • Withdrawal: User can withdraw their revenue amount by sending the withdrawal request to admin. Before that, users need to add their Bank account details in the website. So, for every withdrawal request, the admin will transfer manually to the bank account.
  • Analytics: We can easily understand about our audience and easily get statistic analyzing about the site in Google or Facebook site. The 'Analytics' plugin has two options: 'Google Analytics' and 'Facebook Pixel'.
  • Translations: It helps the site to run in multiple languages. Admin can enable multiple languages from the backend.
  • Transactions: It will List all the transactions belongs to the users in transactions modules. Admin can filter the trascation by user, date, and transaction id
For more information about the features of the Rent & Ride, see the Rent & Ride Features


For detailed information about the Rent & Ride modules, see the Rent & Ride Modules page.


  • Vehicles
    • The 'Vehicles' plugin is the parent plugin for all the below-listed plugins. If it is disabled then all the listed plugins will be disabled.
      • Coupons
      • Disputes
      • Extra Accessories
      • Feedbacks
      • Fuel Options
      • Insurances
      • Rentals
      • Surcharges
      • Taxes
  • Coupons
    • This plugin will provide coupon code for discount. Admin will provide these code to users through email. The user will get some discount amount from their booking payment, before that the vehicle owners must add coupons option for their vehicle.
  • Disputes
    • By enabling this, vehicle owner / booker can raise the dispute against each other if they feel inconvenienced. The types of vehicle disputes are mentioned below,
      • Claim the security damage from booker
      • If Booker gives poor feedback
      • Doesn't match the specification as mentioned by the property owner
  • Extra Accessories
    • The site provides some extra accessories while booking the vehicle. Those extra accessories will be available only if the 'VehicleExtraAccessories' plugin is enabled. The sample extra accessories are listed below.
      • Invoicing by mail
      • Skierized Equipment
      • GPS Built-In
      • Satellite Radio
      • Child seats
      • Services for physically challenged
      • Additional driver
  • Feedbacks
    • By enabling this plugin, vehicle feedback can be added for vehicles. The booker can give the star rating and detailed feedback as well.
  • Fuel Options
    • By enabling this, vehicle owners can manage fuel options based on vehicle types. So bookers can book the vehicle based on the fuel options which they want. If it is not enabled then the booker can't able to choose the fuel option while booking the vechiles.
  • Insurances
    • This plugin provide the insurance claim options for the vechile owner and the booker. The insurance varies based on the vehicle type. The list of insurance are mentioned below.
      • Protection Package (PP)
      • Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)
      • Partial Damage Waiver (PDW)
  • Rentals
    • By enabling this plugin, the booker can book their wished vehicle. If it is not enabled then the booker can't book their selected vehicle.
  • Surcharges
    • This plugin provide some additional charges to the booker which will be added by the hosts while adding the vehicle. The booker needs to pay the the surcharges amount while booking vehicle. If the plugin is in disable then the surcharges will not be collected from the booker.
  • Taxes
    • This plugin provides all the available taxes in the site. The list of taxes amount will have to pay by the booker at the time of item booking.
  • Withdrawals
    • This plugin helps the users to withdraw their revenue amount. The user can send the money withdrawal request to the site admin with the account details. The admin can either transfer the amount to the user account or rejected the request in case of any irrelevant information is given by the user. The important thing is that the width drawl will work only if the plugin is enabled.
  • Analytics
    • Using analytics we can easily understand about our audience and easily get statistic analyzing about the site in google or facebook site. The 'Analytics' plugin has two ways.
      • Google Analytics
      • Facebook Analytics
  • Banner
    • This plugin helps to display at all page bottom, all page top. Using the banner ads, admin can earn the commission.
  • Contacts
    • This plugin helps users to communicate with the admin through contact us. If it is not enable then the user can't interact with the admin.
  • Currency Conversions
    • This plugin helps to Convert the displaying currency amount into current currency amount based on the selected currency code by the user in the site. So that the user can change any currency code and know about the exact value of amount in their selected currency.
      • Example: If the site displaying the amount in USD $1. If the user wants to know the amount in Euro value then they can select the (EUR) currency code in the site and get the equivalent amount in EUR.
  • Pages
    • This plugin provide the site's static pages which are created by the admin.
  • Paypal
    • This Plugin helps to users to pay their payment through PayPal account.
  • Social Logins
    • The plugin allows the user to login Rent & Ride account with their available social logins details like facebook or twitter or google+ or GitHub.
  • ZazPay
    • The has more payment gateways. When enabling this plugin, we can enable more number of payment gateways and easily switch the site's payment gateways without any payment gateway integration works.
  • Translations
    • The plugin helps the site to run in multiple languages. If it is not enable then the site will run with the default language (English).

Installation Guide

For more information about the Rent & Ride installation guide, see the Installation guide page.

How to Configure Site Settings

For more information about the how to configure various site settings, see the How to... configuration page.
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