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Burrow - An online rental booking site

Burrow is a software that helps you to run your own rental booking site. It has lot of additional features and UI compared to AirBnB. Other rental sites that can directly be competed with Burrow are: 9flats.com, myfriendshotel.com, istopover.com, roomorama.com, vrbo.com, couchsurfing.org, globalfreeloaders.com, Stay4Free.com, lodjee.com, evergreenclub.com, sublet.com, homeaway.com, onefinestay.com, wheretosleep.co.uk, CampInMyGarden.com, Wimdu.com. Some of the important highlights of Burrow are

With some customization, this Burrow platform can be expanded to fit for peer-to-peer rental websites:

  • Office space sharing (Evenues.com, Pogby.com, LooseCubes.com, Worktopia.com, Regus.ca, HubCulture.com/Pavilions, Kodesk.com, eworky.com, Liquidspace.com, wiki.coworking.info, ShareYourOffice.com, SharedDesks.net, DesksNear.me, OpenDesks.com, SpaceFindr.com)
  • Parking space sharing (ParkCirca.com)
  • Car sharing (Getaround.com, RelayRides.com, CityCarShare.org, ZipCar.com, WhipCar.com)
  • Bike sharing (byke.mobi, velolet.com, bcycle.com, NiceRideMn.org, SocialBicycles.com)
  • Boat sharing (SleepAFloat.com)
  • Boats, RV's, Cars, Bikes, Planes, Gear sharing (Qraft.com)
  • Share anything (RentWant.com)
  • Marketplace for experiences (Vayable.com, Skyara.com)

Refer Burrow Possibilities

Revenue Model

  • Property listing fee collected from host when listing the property (Not available on AirBnB)
  • Property verification fee when host is willing to get “Verified” status. This will require that the site staff personally or through agency verifies the given information about property. (Not available on AirBnB)
  • Service fee collected from traveler for every booking
  • Commission collected from host for every booking
  • Signup fee for site
  • Solve Media: Set up the site for earn some revenue from solve media option in admin side. Because solve media offers revenue sharing by showing Ads in CAPTCHA display. Settings are manage in admin panel.
  • Widget: Set up the site for earn some revenue from adding widget in the site footer. Settings are manage in admin panel.

High Performance

  • Burrow now achieve high performance by adding features for reduce load time and server storage bandwidth. The features are
  1. Redis: Site performance is improved by high site user's base. This Redis option is for store your session data in Redis instead of database or files.
  2. Memcached: Site performance is improved by reduce direct database access. This Redis option is for store your database query results in memcached instead of each time access it from database.
  3. Full- page caching: Site achieve the good performance by enabling this feature thereby most of the pages will be disk-cached. This will avoid PHP and database access. Caveat of this approach is that users will be presented with little outdated contents. Since, this Agriya Burrow script is highly optimized for this approach, this is highly recommended for good performance.
  4. Amazon S3: Site performance is increased by reduce the delivery time. Because this amazon s3 feature helps to upload all your contents and static (CSS, JavaScript, images, etc), store in Amazon S3 and will be delivered from there. Thereby you may reduce storage and bandwidth cost–based on your server plan and all files will be deliver from Amazon S3 infrastructure, site's loading speed may improve.
  5. Instant Scaling:
    • Pull CDN: Site performance is increased by reduce the delivery time. Because this pull CDN make assets to be delivered through CDN easily.
    • CloudFlare: This cloudflare feature acts as a CDN and is capable of mitigating DDoS attacks.
    • Email Delivery: Site performance is increased by improve the email delivery through this feature. Because normally emails will be delivered through PHP. By enabling this option, email will be sent through this custom SMTP server. For performance, cloud email services like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Gmail can be configured.
    • Google PageSpeed: Google PageSpeed is also easy to setup through DNS change. This will optimize site's HTML, JavaScript, Style Sheets and images on the fly. You may not usually need to turn this on as Agriya Burrow script is highly optimized already.
For more information about the high performance features of the Burrow, see the Burrow High Performance


Burrow has lots of features and additional features compared to other rental booking sites.

  * Wallet option and payments powered by ZazPay
  * Multiple monthly booking option in traveler booking calendar.
  * Monthly/Weekly price management integrated in Host calendar.
  * Ability to check property value with your local currency value.
  * **Insights:** Insights covers entire site activities in graphical representation. 
  * **Integrated Google Analytic:** Google Analytic use to analyse the site rank in Google.
For more information about the features of the Burrow, see the Burrow Features


  • Ability to post property (by the admin or host) with following info:
    • property name, property type, room type, bed type etc.,
    • address of the property
    • price per night, week & month
    • additional price per night and guest
    • max & min number of guests & nights
  • Ability to set special price for the property in particular days in Calendar.
  • Ability to manage properties through interactive calendar tool
  • Traveler will book the property. After the successfully check in host will get payment after some days (can manage in settings)
  • Ability to post request (by the traveler) with following info:
    • request address, property type, room type, bed type etc.,
    • price per night
  • Host can offer price for traveler requests
  • Ability to flag properties
  • oAuth based Twitter poating
  • Auto posting to Facebook & Twitter
  • Auto flag based on patterns (TOS violation detection and bad words detection)
  • Basic information pages: About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, Terms & Conditions etc
For more information about the modules of the Burrow, see the Burrow Modules

Change Log

For more information about the changelog of the Burrow, see the changelog

Important Notice

Payment Gateway Fee

You should be aware that most payment gateways will charge you a fee for processing each transaction made by your customer. The fee may vary from 1.5% to as much as 5% of the transaction, so be sure to factor in this cost when you set your commission percentages!

Getting Started

Installation Guide

For more information about the Burrow installation guide, see the Installation guide page.

How To...

For more information about the how to configure various site settings, see the How to... configuration page.

Special Instructions

For more information about the special instruction of the Burrow, see the Burrow special instruction page.


  • When will host get the booking amount?
    • In admin side, you can change 'Days after amount will be cleared', days after which the completed booking amount will get cleared for the host. Full payment will be released on check in date at the time of booking + 'Days after amount will be cleared' days.
  • What is QR Code and why you set it default?


  • Have questions?, Contact us at Contact