Burblr iPhone App


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  • We can use this Burblr as like Tinder, Swoon, Grindr and other dating apps.
  • We can customize this app like MeetMe, Skout, Zoosk, POF and other dating apps.
  • Can run this app for users to identify the mutual interested persons like Hiking, Travelling, Shopping etc
  • We can customize this app like event listing/booking app (Like users change their profile as event, and other user like this event and than event owner can contact the particular user through chat)

Installation Guide

For more information about the Burblr installation guide, see the Installation guide page.

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa Framework

How it Works

How it Works


  • Facebook Login - We have integrated Facebook signup in this app to increase your user base effortlessly.
  • Profile Settings - Users signup using Facebook, So we will pull all required profile information and making it their profile fully upto date. Any changes of the Facebook profile will show up automatically.
  • Discover Settings - Users can change their search preference and location radius. Based on these settings, they will be showed with a list of potential matches.
    • Distance - It use to find the people within the distance. So they can meet easily.
    • Age - It help to users to show people with age limits
    • Showing Preference - Few users wants seeking Women and few or Men. So we have option to set search their preference
  • Matching algorithm - Matching algorithm plays a very important role in this app. So that we implement a cool and perfect algorithm to take care of the automated match making part.
  • Unlimited Right Swipes - Swipe Right for a LIKE. Users can show their interest to particular profiles by just makes right swipe. Users have the option to make Un-Limited right swipes.
  • Unmatch - We have the Unmatch feature as well. Swipe Left for a Un-Like. Users have the option to make Un-Limited left swipes as well.
  • Chat / Messages - Chats and Messages are a part of social app. So we integrated cutting edge - high performing techniques to give a smooth and fast Chatting option
  • Send Pictures through Chat - This app gives option to users to sending pictures via chat is architected to be smooth and fast.
  • Send Videos through Chat - This app gives option to users to sending videos via chat.
  • Share Location through Chat - This app gives option to users to share location via chat. So the opposite party will see the shared location in google map.
  • Moji in Chat - Users can send various moji through chat
  • Share Voice/Audio through Chat - This app gives option to users to sending Voice/Audio via chat.
  • Report a User - One thing that is very important in social app is to keep the spammers away. So we gave the power to the community to report any user who is mis-behaving & the admin can Ban them directly from the admin panel.
  • Report an Issue - This app gives option to users, to report any issues or problem to admin.
  • Make a Suggestion - This app gives option to users, suggest their idea to admin.

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Sample Screenshots

Landing Page

Users can login by using Facebook login button.

Home Page

Users List

Users are listing by GPS, age and gender. Users can like or nope other users from this users listing.

Invite Friends

This page will display, if there is no users available for listing. Users can invite their friends by using Facebook, Twitter and mail.

Enable Discovery

This page will display, when discover setting is disabled. User can enable users list by pressing enable discovery button.

User view Page

Users detailed information listed here. Logged in user can like or dislike and report this user.

Matched Page

If the users liked each others, then this matched page will display. User can share this match or send message or redirect to users listing.

Matched Users List - Friends List

Matched users will be listed here. Logged in user can chat by click anyone user.


Text, picture, video, location, emoticons, voice chats options available for chat. Users can view or report chatting user.

Report User

Reporting an user by choosing categories or manual reason.

Edit Profile

User can edit their profile here.


All settings displayed here. user can edit their profile by pressing user image or view profile button.

Discover Settings

Discover settings will be displayed here

App Settings

App settings will be displayed here


Users can contact this app by using following actions.

Share This App

User can share this app by using Facebook, twitter, mail and message