The online scheduling for the doctor’s appointment is the latest business trend. Without any delay, the promising entrepreneurs can build their own unique online platform for the appointment scheduling with Agriya’s exclusive and readily available doctor appointment booking software. This platform helps in booking, scheduling, managing, and tracking the doctor’s appointments swiftly.

Revenue Model

ABS product can bring revenues through following terms.

  • Subscriptions Fee Site earns amount for every plan purchasing made by Doctors.


  • Appointment Manage all appointment related activities like pending appointment, approved appointment, appointment date, name, & service type.
  • Booking module It facilitates users with an appointment booking form that is to be filled to get the consultant. They can pay in both offline & online.
  • Search option Search doctors based on service type, city, country, & timing. It assists users to reach their destined specialist easily.
  • Calendar settings Get an exclusive calendar option that assists the users to book their doctor appointment for specific date.
  • Photo gallery Displaying photos of anything specific to the diseases, remedies, suggestion and solution.
  • Educations Gain complete information about the registered user’s education qualification of every service type basis.
  • My Doctors Users are also allowed to join this website in terms of a medical team with all needed doctors, specialist and assistants.
  • Subscriptions Admin can easily check for plans listed in your appointment booking website and take necessary actions to your inclination.
  • Specialist Check for specialist doctors of all unique health issues easily. This leads you to a specific doctor of your need in minutes.
  • Specialty Disease Make sure to search through any doctor’s appointment of specific diseases with this useful feature.
  • Insurance company Get details of the insurance company from where users have got their own health insurance policy.
  • Review Module Give right to the users in furnishing fair opinion about the service professionals and their services absolutely.
  • Rating Module Users are allowed to rate the service availed to them, their timing sense and any other based on their inclination.
  • Language settings Gain the language portability to your online appointment booking site. This script integrates multi-language support.
  • Q&A The dynamic Q&A module helps to maintain a series of questions and its respective answers for clarifying the users’ doubts.
  • Site Settings Enable you with a user-friendly admin interface that assist you to maintain, handle and deal completely with the site activities.
  • Static Page view Make comprehensive static web pages to your online doctor appointment booking site.
  • Payment Mode Paypal is incorporated in your website that facilitate the users and doctors to make their payment on the desired gateways.
  • Email Templates Use readily available mail template option to send regular and particular mail to a user or group of users immediately.
  • SMS Even though users book a doctor’s appointment online, they can also finally get SMS on their mobile for confirmation.
  • Reason to Visit type It’s an option that helps the users to reason out their visiting purpose to the doctor clearly and easily.
  • Procedure A crystal clear procedure is implemented in this script that assist the bookers and the doctors in online booking process.
  • Bootstrap This absolutely display your entire online appointment site on any portable devices with excellent resolution.

Core Plugins

  • Analytics
    • By enabling this plugin, we can easily understand about our audience and easily get statistic analysing about the site in google or facebook site. The Analytics plugin has two options: Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  • UserFavorites
    • This Plugin will help the Manage Patient Favorite add a Doctor.
  • QuestionAnswer
    • By enable the plugin patients can raise a question and doctors can reply the answers.
  • Banner
    • Banner for all page bottom, all page top, course page sidebar, profile page sidebar.
  • Contacts
    • By enabling this plugin, patient or doctor can easily interact with admin.
  • Pages
    • By enabling this plugin, admin can easily update the content of the static pages.
  • Photos
    • By enabling this plugin, a doctor can update the clinic photos for patients.
  • PayPal
    • This Plugin helps to users to pay their payment through PayPal account.
  • Subscriptions
    • This Plugin helps to doctor to pay their subscription fee through PayPal account.
  • UserEducations
    • This plugin helps to doctor to update the eduction details.
  • UserReviews
    • By enabling this plugin, Patient will give reviews and rating for doctors.